Political and Economic Crises (Pt 16)

Trump is acquitted

The beginning of February finally saw the end of the impeachment saga with the acquittal of Trump in a partisan-line vote with one exception in the Republican-dominated U.S. Senate. That was Senator Mitt Romney, Republican of Utah, who voted to convict on the Article of abusing power. Romney’s vote reflects a growing friction between the conservative Utah-based Mormon religious sect of which Romney is a member and the pro-Trump “Christian right.”

The Christian right does not consider Mormons to be genuine Christians. Mormons indeed have a history of being persecuted in the U.S. They fear that despite their long-time alliance with the right wing of the Republican Party, Trump with his dependence on the Christian right is potentially dangerous to them. This is similar to the fears of even highly conservative parts of the U.S. Jewish community who fear the influence of anti-Semitism within the Trump “movement.”.

The fate of the impeachment trial was sealed when on Jan. 30 the Senate voted to refuse to allow witnesses to testify, making it impossible for the Democrats to advance their charges against Trump any further.

In mid-January, Nancy Pelosi finally sent two Articles of Impeachment, passed by the House of Representatives against President Trump in December, to the U.S. Senate. Essentially, the Democratic House charged that President Donald Trump held up military aid to the pro-imperialist Ukrainian government of President Volodymyr Zelensky to force Zelensky to open a corruption investigation of former-Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter. The Democrats charged that Trump intended to use this against Joe Biden if he were to become the Democratic presidential nominee.

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