Announcement on schedule

The post originally planned for this month will be postponed to next month owing to Sam Williams contracting a nasty staph infection, combined with internal bleeding, requiring hospitalization. He is now well on the road to recovery and expects to be “back to work” within a week or two.

18 thoughts on “Announcement on schedule

  1. Dear comrade Williams,
    we are sorry to hear about your illness. We wish you speedy recovery and we are looking forward to your next newsletter.
    We are thankful for your marvellous analysis of contemporary plitical and economic realities
    We meed, and humanity needs, your scienyific research and activity.
    Humanity needs people like you!
    Best wishes,
    Movement “Septemer 23” – Bulgaria

  2. Any updates on Sam?

    This blog is a treasure. I’ve spent many hours reading his posts here. Best of luck!

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