Notice of New Schedule and eBook Project

I think the point has been reached to reduce the reply schedule to a monthly basis. However, questions and criticisms are still welcome, though the writing and posting of replies will be monthly instead of every other week.

Some time ago a reader suggested that the posts in this blog be converted to pdf format, in effect transformed into an ebook. I think the time has come to act on that suggestion.

When you write things down that have been germinating in your head sometimes for years or even decades, you find that you learn almost as much as if you were reading a text written by someone else. In addition, the various questions and criticisms sent by readers of the blog and the replies that I have written have further clarified things.

Therefore, I have decided to go over the main posts and the replies to questions and criticisms and organize them into an ebook in pdf format. If events warrant, such as a radical change in the world economic or political situation, the monthly schedule can be modified, but for now I think the monthly basis will be sufficient and allow time for the work required to produce an ebook as the next phase of the “Project.”

The next reply will be posted Sunday, August 15, 2010.


One thought on “Notice of New Schedule and eBook Project

  1. How are you doing on the eBook front? I’m really interested in what you write but collecting all your different posts and printing them myself is too much of a hassle…

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