Announcement Regarding Future Posts — Topics and Schedule

The series of posts that I began in January is now complete. Readers have submitted comments on a number of these. Because of the pressure of adhering to the weekly schedule I set for myself, I have not been able as yet to respond to many of the good questions raised and suggestions made in these comments.

Beginning with my next post, scheduled for Sunday after next (December 20, 2009), and continuing on a biweekly schedule, I will be focusing on comments submitted by readers of this blog.

The first of this new series will be a post on the Austrian School of bourgeois economics, suggested in a reader’s comment on this post.

I encourage readers to submit more comments to enable a clarifying exchange on Marxist economic theory, the current economic crisis and the future of capitalism.

Sam Williams

3 thoughts on “Announcement Regarding Future Posts — Topics and Schedule

  1. Suggest you do the series so far as a downloadable PDF. It would help for printing off for ongoing study and discussion groups.

  2. Would it be possible to do something covering Minsky’s Financial Instability Hypothesis and it’s relation to Marxian theories of finance?

  3. You are to be congratulated on the progress with this blog and your contribution to marxist economic thought.

    I would be very interested if you could provide a treatment of the transformation problem and the various marxist interpretations as this is an area of some debate and no doubt you could shed some light on it.


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